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Jaime Renman

Major: Public Policy

Why start The Big Event at UD? “I found that I lacked a sense of belonging and responsibility to the Newark community. As students, we should be considerate of the community, while having the privilege to live here and obtain an education. This sense of responsibility to give back to the Newark community is what drove the creation of The Big Event at UD.”

Why Community Service? “After participating in an Alternative Spring Break. I wondered how to bring back the lessons I learned about. It ultimately led me to more social activism and community service. ”


Executive Board

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sierra RyanWallick - Executive director

Year: Sophmore

Major: Entrepreneurship and Technology Innovation

Why join The Big Event? I met Jaime and resonated with the vision. I saw this as a fantastic way to get involved in the community”

Why community service? I made around 100 beaded bracelets to give the students at a orphanage is Belize. The response I received was absolutely life-changing!  The feeling of bringing a smile to someone else's face made me want to give back again and again! When I was 10 I founded a nonprofit, AutumnLeaf Fundraisers which raised $75,000 since.”


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Taylor Garbowski- Assistant Director

Year: Senior

Major: Environmental & Resource Economics and Organizational & Community Leadership double major and Women’s Studies minor

Why join The Big Event? “Being an action-oriented agent of change in my community will allow me to understand myself and my leadership style more as I develop new skill sets and dive deeper in to my passions in a way that will benefit those around me!”

Why community service? “I have used community service to understand my skill sets and how to apply them to my goals and dreams as I engage in meaningful work. I hope to be able to impact and empower as many people around me as possible. Community service has been, and always will be, a central part of my life.”


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Clark Scott- Programs Chair

Year: Senior

Major: Early Childhood Education & Teaching and English double major, Gender studies and Disabilities double minor

Why join The Big Event?There are so many amazing people who do service here on campus but there is barely and opportunity that these people have a chance to collaborate toward a shared goal.”

Why community service? “Community service allows me to step outside of myself. So often in college we get stuck in this little bubble of where we are, simply going through the motions, rarely ever stopping to take advantage of all the opportunities here. Service is one of those opportunities.”


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Caitlin Acocella- Development Chair

Year: Sophmore

Major: Neuroscience

Why join The Big Event? I was instantly captivated by this incredible opportunity to be apart of something that would help so many people. I was overwhelmed by the amount of wholesomeness and passion exhibited by the executive board members, and felt that I really wanted to get involved.

Why community service? From a young age I volunteered at my church, at my dance studio and in high school as president of Peer Association for Scholastic Success that provided free tutoring for students. I believe that their is no greater gift than the gift of service, and that everyone in their daily life should make an effort to give back to others and their community.



Michelle Yatvitskiy- Co-MArketing Chair

Year: Sophomore

Major: Apparel Design and Fashion Merchandising double major

Why join The Big Event? “When I met the Executive Board I was inspired by all the people who were all so different yet like minded working together towards a common cause. I just knew I had to be part of it”

Why community service? “In high school I volunteered to paint murals in the community partnering with the City Council of NYC to combat graffiti. It was my favorite experience in School, so I wanted to learn more about other communities through service.


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Craig Klevan- RECRUITMENT Chair

Year: Junior

Major: Environmental Engineering Major

Why join The Big Event?

Why community service?


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Nicole Detorres- Co-MArketing Chair

Year: Sophomore

Major: Marketing & Entrepreneurship and Technology Innovation double major

Why join The Big Event?

Why community service?


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Alexa Yuen

Year: Senior

Major: Kinesiology and Exercise Science

Why join The Big Event?

Why community service?






The Programs Committee manages the behind the scenes of The Big Event day of service, including planning team leader trainings, day-of logistics, and more.

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Mia seibold

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Liam Festa

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Sean Friday


Community Outreach

The Community Outreach Committee is responsible for partnering with Newark organizations to volunteer with for The Big Event and determining the supplies needed at each service site.

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Charlie Hannum

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Isabella Rizzo


Joey Lanzona



The Staff Advisors oversee our executive board members by teaching us valuable lessons in leadership, assisting us in gaining connections and funding, and guiding us in the right direction.

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matt creasy


Tierra fields