Five Ways That Community Service Benefits The Volunteer


No one can deny that community service involves some level of selflessness and is a great way to give back to your community. However, oftentimes, we overlook how much community service can impact the volunteers. Though one of the main ideas behind community service is that volunteers should receive nothing in return, at the end of the day, we gain new perspectives and learn more about the world around us and ourselves. Here are five ways that community service benefits the volunteer:

Meaningful Relationships Are Formed
Community service can be very empowering; however, that empowerment is not usually something that comes quickly or easily. Overcoming challenges, participating in purposeful events, and manual labor can force people to build trust more quickly with each other. These bonds can even create a strong connection between people with different backgrounds or complete strangers. When all is said and done, you can take away the high moments from the experience and positive energy you felt with your team.


You Become Inspired By Others
Not everyone feels a strong connection towards community service, going into service-based projects. Sometimes people will lack the enthusiasm needed to tackle long-term goals. And, although we may want to convince someone to become more passionate about a social issue, we are not in charge of changing their minds. What we can do is hope that they become inspired by the cause and our passion for it; and many times that seems to be the case.

Opportunities For Leadership & Problem-Solving
Moving large groups of people towards a common goal requires organization and guidance. And, this would not be possible without strong leaders, those who are willing to step up when the time is right. Whether there are interpersonal conflicts or a shortage of supplies, unexpected challenges are likely to arise when it comes to community service. These opportunities are the perfect chance for us to take that leap, improve our skills, and build a strong team of leaders.


Fine-tuning Your Interpersonal Communication Skills
Community service is very much people-based. We establish organizations and acquire partnerships through values-based connections. By this, we mean having a clear vision and purpose and sticking to it! When all those involved are on the same page and have a similar goal in mind, we can move forward with increasing speed to tackle any challenges that come our way.

Without receiving monetary benefits in return for community service, we tend to think about our why - our purpose for getting involved in volunteer work and how supporting a particular cause will benefit others and ourselves. This personal reflection is super important and proves that there are more reasons to do service than just as a resume builder or to fulfill required hours for an organization you belong to.

As you can see, there are many reasons why volunteers can benefit from taking part in community service. And, with The Big Event right around the corner, we hope you all can use this opportunity to use all of these benefits to your advantage!

By Sarah Carlson

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